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Future Galerie AirOrb

This is the Future Galerie AirOrb Membership Pass. It was initially airdropped to those who attended the first Future Galerie event on 5.26.22. 

With artwork created by Adrian Stein (@looneystein), the Future Galerie AirOrb is your entry into token-gated perks at IRL Future Galerie exhibitions and events. Each time you scan your pass at a Future Galerie experience, your membership will advance to new stages and unlock additional benefits for future programs. 

The stages of this pass are Member, Contributor, Maker, and Founder. If you sell your membership on the secondary market, it will automatically revert to a Member level. 

Moving forward, the only way to be issued Future Galerie AirOrb Membership Passes is through an invitation from existing holders at critical times in the Future Galerie brand evolution.


Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4

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